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The Realization of Innovative & Integrated Sustainable Energy

Converting classic cars to electric is becoming more popular as people look for ways to reduce carbon emissions and preserve older vehicles.


Our process involves removing the existing engine, fuel tank, and exhaust system, and installing an electric motor, battery pack, and controllers to complete the new electric drivetrain.


One of the main benefits of converting classic cars to electric is that it allows owners to enjoy the unique styling and character of older vehicles while also benefiting from the advantages of electric power, such as lower operating costs, improved performance, and reduced emissions. In addition, electric powertrains can be more reliable and require less maintenance than traditional internal combustion engines.


Riise EV is the brainchild of car enthusiasts with a shared respect and concern for the environment. We have a team of experts with the ability to turn your EV dream into reality.


We are car enthusiasts with a shared respect and concern for the environment. There is an undeniable shift in the motor car industry towards the Electric Drivetrain.

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