About Us

Riise EV is the brainchild of car enthusiasts with a shared respect and concern for the environment.


Riise EV is the brainchild of car enthusiasts who are also professionals from diverse backgrounds of Medicine, Business, PhD Academics and Military….Not your usual bunch of oily mechanics!!!

We bring an outlook from those highly honed environments & apply those standards to RiiSE EV

As drivers, we simply wanted to electrify our dream cars. As parents, we wanted to protect our children’s health and futures. As business people, we knew that EV conversion of existing vehicles and energy systems was an attractive and logical first step toward greener transportation. We also knew how to find scalable and economically viable conversion solutions for commercial vehicles.
We saw the demand and opportunity. We knew we could transform the transport landscape. Riise EV is made up of people, proud to electrify the future.


We believe in doing well by doing good. In this case doing good makes great business sense.

Our definition of success includes protecting our environment and doing better for our planet. As business people and drivers we know that the present marks a unique and historic economic opportunity for combustion engine conversion. It is the logical next step toward greener transportation. It reduces carbon emissions and keeps harmful exhaust out of our fresh air and lungs. And best of all, it’s a service people, businesses, and government want.
Our process was conceived to keep vehicles on the road longer, reducing expensive waste and conserving the valuable resources invested in the manufacturing of existing cars, trucks, and buses.
We are all responsible for the world we share. We created Riise EV to fill a gap in the industry. We are committed to keep people and businesses moving as we lead a much needed and desired change toward EV, and a better, cleaner, greener future.