Our partners...

We are working with industry experts who join us on our electrification journey. 

See our industry partners and their quality work….

Fellten are our official EV Drivetrain System partners. They are one of the UK’s leading EV system designers. We work in partnership with Fellten to ensure the EV systems we install are state of the art. The technology going into these systems is world leading. We’re not just transplanting a system out of a Leaf or a Tesla and refitting it. These are custom built bespoke units offering features such as crash detection shutdown and CCS fast charging.

Prima are our custom graphics wrap partners. They do amazing work for us turning an ordinary looking car into something truly spectacular, turning heads wherever we go.

We are working with Microsoft HOLOLENS to use the most technologically advanced CAD system to design our engine bays. We work on our EV system layouts before we start work in the real world. This considerably cuts down the time taken during fit out of the drivetrain.